We make your umbrella payroll services as easy as 1,2,3

ERG enables contractors to maximise their take home pay; as well as helping employment agencies save time, money and effort. ERG also offers Value Added services that are designed to provide real value to contractors and employment agencies alike.


Brian is a contractor joiner, after using ERG Umbrella services he now takes home £495 per week instead of £426 per week (an increase of 16.20%).


After finding out she could take home almost 20% more pay,Claire decided to become a freelance Graphic Designer whilst using ERG to handle her payroll needs (an increase of 19.73%).


IT Consultant, Glenn, was paid £666 per week using standard payroll services. After using the ERG Umbrella Umbrella payroll service he now takes home £745 (an increase of 11.86%).


As a Nurse, Jackie earned £300 per week on standard payroll. Using ERG Umbrella services Jackie now takes home £354 (an increase of 18%).


Using the ERG Umbrella payroll service, Dr Harris now takes home over 20% more pay than if he used a standard payroll service (an increase of 20.54%).

Employment Agencies & Contractors should select their umbrella payroll providers carefully.
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Contractors Maximise take home pay

ERG Umbrella Payroll Services | Contractors Maximise take home pay

Using ERG Umbrella Company Payroll services is easy and can result in contractors retaining up to 30%* more pay than if conventional tax payment processes are used. There are also distinct benefits when compared to contractors operating as an Ltd company too. Take a look at some of our case studies and see how ERG can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Agencies & Contractors save time and effort

ERG Umbrella Payroll Services | Agencies & Contractors save time and effort

ERG Umbrella company services take the administrative burden away from employment agencies and contractors alike – especially contractors operating as Ltd Companies. This allows all parties to focus on running their own business. Contact ERG today, where we can quickly demonstrate how we can help.

Full Tax compliance & value added services

ERG Umbrella Payroll Services | Full Tax compliance & value added services

Working with ERG umbrella services is safe, easy and 100% legally compliant. ERG also offers value added services such as pensions and insurance for private medical purposes. Please see the Value Added Services section above, for more details.

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